Bazinga Bot

Bazinga Bot (@bazingbot) is a bot I've developed last month, it should be online soon.

What is it?

Bazinga bot is a bot tweeting automatically to users saying 'Bazinga' on twitter. It will find the new post containing this word and reply with a catchphrase. It also replies, if you tweet him, with quotes from Sheldon (from the Big Bang Theory if you haven't guessed). Quotes will be added when new episodes comes out.

Under the hood

This bot was codded using Python and Twython, a library to use the twitter api with Python. In the fututre, it will run every few minutes on a Raspberry Pi or on this website. (The truth is, I wanted to find something interesting to do with my raspberry Pi.)
The bot will also search for 'opt out' words when users tweet to him, it will then add these users in an 'opt out' user list and will not annoy them again. Some of these words are 'Stop' or 'Shut'. The user can then 'opt in' again with tweets containing 'come back' for example.
This bot is meant to be fun, but some people might find it annoying, that's why I've added the opt-out feature.