Text Encrypter Update

After a year I've decided to update my text encrypter! Yep, it's been a year already, time flies.

What's new?

I've rewritten the encryption bit to be much more secure! The key is now 'salted' and hashed before being used to encrypt the text. A random initial vector is also created for the base of the encryption. The random salt and vector are placed in the output along with the encrypted text. In the future the salt could be placed along with the program but it would mean that it could only be decrypted by one machine. (installation of the program)

On a side note, the length of the key is 128 bits as you would need to download an update to remove the limitation on the key size in Java. (And be able to encrypt using 192 or 256 bits keys.) I've finally fixed a few small bugs concerning saving new files and accessing other drives. No other major changes in the GUI or the behaviour of the software.

Your old files will not be compatible with the new version! You will need to decrypt them with the 0.1 and re-encrypt them with the new 0.2 version.


Here is the new zip file:

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