Hi there,

my name is Thomas and this is my site. Currently, this site is a blog, a portfolio, and an area to express myself creatively on the web. I'm studying at Southampton University, and on my way in learning how to program, I make a lot of different projects in many different languages.
Besides programming, I also love designing especially websites. If you want to know more about and what I am doing, here is my twitter.

About this website

I have programmed this website using PHP and jQuery. It has been written using Notepad++ and the good plugin Zen Coding. Most of the graphics were made using The Gimp and a lot of CSS. I use also a nice syntax highlighter to display all the sources when needed.

A bit of history

I have redone this website many times throughout the years, it started with a simplistic html based website. Then I have redone the design many times and kept on improving in codding. I have waited a long time to release this new website, nearly 2 years have gone and 4 complete design where made and forgotten but finally I have released this new version and hopefully it will work and survive.